In our entire lifetime we use only a tiny fraction of our brain.
Using just this, we are able to perform complex task like studying, driving, etc.
Imagine what we could do if we could make use of the rest of the brain.

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We help you to discover your hidden inner strength and make you the master of your own mind. With our programs, you will be able to increase your learning ability, thinking capability, intelligence quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotent (EQ), perform things that you never thought you were capable of.

Super Brain Development

Age: 5-15 Years
Duration: 4 days

This program helps your child to excel in all spheres of life by unleashing their hidden potential.

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Super Memory Technique

Age: Above 7 Years
Duration: 16 weeks

Enhance your abilities in cognitive thinking & develop intuition improving the day to day life quality.

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Age: Above 6 Years
Duration: 1 to 8 days

An experiential workshop teaching self-healing technique which takes a person into a journey within.

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Intelligence analysis (DMIA)

Age: 5-15 Years
Duration: N / A

Discover yourself with our Premium Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test software.

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